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Closed Down Kit Repilica Brands


kit repilica brand

in , New Zealand
Beattie was originally a New Zealand kitcar created by Stephen Charles Beattie and its manufacture moved to the United Kingdom 2009.

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Dutton Cars

kit repilica brand

in , United Kingdom
Dutton Cars, based in Worthing, Sussex, England, was a maker of kit cars between 1970 and 1989.

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Eagle (Automotive Design and Development)

kit repilica brand

in , South Africa
Automotive Design and Development Ltd (ADD) was an English company responsible for the creation of the futuristic-looking Nova kit car.

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Hult Healey

kit repilica brand

in , Sweden
Hult Healey was a make of kit cars in Sweden.

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RW Kit Cars

kit repilica brand

in , United Kingdom
RW Kit Cars Ltd. was an English manufacturer of kit cars, founded in 1983 by Roger Woolley.

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